Daily Life

                     Daily Life
Oh goodness, do you ever get overwhelmed with things? Whether its extra curricular activities,homework, or your job? Yeah, I can relate! Sometimes you just have to get away from everything and just breathe! Here are a few remedies for that stress mood:
  1. Drink some hot tea, it'll relax your mind.
  2. Take a nice hot bath, relax your muscles and give your body some time to heal.
  3. Watch TV or do your regular hobbies, you need to have some fun very once in a while.
  4. Get out of the house, whether it's taking a walk or simply sitting on your porch!
  5. Talk to your family or friends, your social life is an important part of your life... 
  6. If that doesn't work, clear your schedule more and drop some activities so that you're not TOO overwhelmed!

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